Happening Heteren 2010


Young Dog And Veteran Day NVBH
“Heteren 3 oktober 2010”

Thank you Stephan for the pictures!!!

Lurf “Mike” Stephan met Kunst “Zoë” 
In the line up… Lurf “Mike”
Looser “Tycho” Looser “Tycho” 
Kunst “Zoë” Stephan with Kunst “Zoë”
Stephan with Kunst “Zoë” Stephan and Anneke in the ring
Stephan and Anneke waiting Smika “Remie” Best Tervueren Veteran
Reserve Best Veteran in Show
Go away!!! Got you!!!
How cute… Or not??? 
Dogs playing Smika “Remie”
“Remie” having fun with Edwin in the ring Jinny en Kunst “Zoë”
Smika van Sprangerhof “Remie” Smika “Remie” Running for Best in Show
Saying goodby All together
Kurva “Dusty” Kayo “Kyon”
Kelp “Kayo” Kurva “Dusty”
Kunst “Zoë”” with Kanna Kunst “Zoë”