Oktober 2016

Our Go-Go (Groenendael) was bred by Toby Comme un Reve Noir in August of this year and so she is expecting her second litter around the 23th of October:-).

Our Prozac (Malinois) was bred by Intox du Hameau St Blaise a fw weeks ago. Fingers crossed she apears to be pregnant of her first litter!

All puppies Quilty (Quality Girl) gave birth to found new homes. We kept Chanel ourselves.

July 2016

On the 25th of July our lovely Casyka’s Quality Girl gave birth to 5 females and 1 male. Red and grey coloured.

Both mom and puppies are doing fine.

Dad is High Clearings Maestro.

There are some puppies available so if you are interested please contact us.

June 2016

All puppies of Casyka’s Gypsy-Ho who was mated by Rodin van Moned found new homes. They will leave us at the beginning of August.

July 2015

All Puppies of Go-Go X Vahur found a new home and are doing very well! We are happy with the new homes!

A new litter is on it’s way; tervueren this time: Casyka’s Oh my God (OhOh), daughter of Droef du Bois du Tot, was mated by Rodin van Moned (Arkan), a very nice grey male. So we expect red and grey puppies. Around the 3rd week of August we expect them to be born.

May 22th 2015

Go-Go gave birth to 2 females and 7 males last night! Mom and puppies are doing fine :-).

April 30th 2015

Just got back from the vet. Go-Go got her second ultrasound and we saw lots of puppies!!!! How many….? We don’t know excactely because they were all over the place and therefor difficult to count 🙂 Happy with this news!!!!

Go-Go is doing great being pregant. She eats a lot :-). When she is together with he malinois puppies which are 8 weeks old now she is really really happy and enthousiastic. She approaches them very kind and tender.Very lovely to watch. I think she is looking forward having her own puppies :-).

April 9th 2015

After having some trouble with our provider and therefore lost our site……………… we’re back!!!!!

With a brand new website which is still under construction. So if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us!


Updated the page “Show results”
Casyka’s Ivan became 1 Exc CAC CACIB and Best of Breed during the Christmas show at Wijchen on the 11th of December
In only 5 shows he got:
– 5 CAC points
– 1 Res.CAC
– 3 CACIB points
– 2 times Best of Breed
– and the title Winner 2010!

Ivan is the 3th Casyka’s Malinois from the 1st Malinois litter of Casyka’s
that already has enough points to become Dutch Champion but they are to young
December 10th
Added “week 3” at the N-Litter page
December 7th
Added “week 6” at the M-Litter page, added “week 2” at the N-Litter page
December 5th
Added new pictures at “week 5” of the M-litter
December 2nd
Added “Week 5” at the M-litter page, added new picuters of the N-litter at “Week 1”
November 28th
Today Ivan won the title Winner 2010 congratulations Yuri and Sindy!!! We are very proud! Yesterday Ivan won the agility club championship their were 17 dogs registered what a weekend for Ivan! Again congratulations Yuri and Sindy.
His brother Iwan became 3th congratulations Tilma and Paul
Updated the page of “Ivan” , “Showresults 2010” , “Champions”
November 27th
And again new puppie pictures of the M-Litter at “Week 4”
November 26th
Added new pictures at “week 4” of the M-litter page
updated the page of the “N-litter” and added pictures at “week 1”
November 25th
Fickle gives us 2 males and 4 females!!! We are over the moon!!! 1 male available
This is “Casyka’s N-Litter”
November 24th
In the night of 23 november Fickle’s temperature dropped! So it will be a long night! We expect the puppies very soon!
November 22nd
Added new pictures of the puppies at “week 3” of the M-litter page
Added new pictures at “Activities” from Casyka’s Ivan and Iwan at agility class
We expect the “puppies from Fickle” in 1 week!
November 18th
Added new pictures of the M-litter at “Week 3” they are 17 days old now they grow very fast!
November 17th
Added “Activities” at the menu at this page you can find the pictures of the activities that we did
Added pictures of the “Happening” from the NVBH and the “litter reunion” at the “Activities page”
November 16th
Second update of the day… Added new puppie pictures at “week 3” Today I put toys in the box…
Finally new updates about the puppies!!! Added new pictures at “week 2” from the M-litter, al the puppies have their eyes open!
Remie (Smika van Sprangerhof) had a check up at 12,5 years old, we wanted to know if he is still useable for breeding, the vet said everything was alive and kicking, we are very happy with this result and we will use him very soon!!!
Added new pictures of Remie at his “Photo-album”
At the 14th of November we had the litterreunion from the K-litter, soon I will update the photo’s!!!
November 11th
Added new pictures of “M-litter puppies”
Yesterday we received the official form that “Casyka’s Genderow “Jovi” is official Dutch Champion!!!
We expect the puppies of Fickle in 2 weeks
November 9th
Added new pictures of the “M-Litter puppies”
November 8th
Added new pictures of Fickle at the “N-litter page”
November 7th
Added new puppie pictures at the “M-litter page”
November 5th
Only “2 female puppies” available from the M-litter! “Fickle” is due in 3 weeks!!!
November 4th
Added new puppie pictures at the “M-litter Page”
November 3rd
Added new puppie pictures at the “M-litter page
November 2nd
The puppies are born on the 1st of November! 4 Males and 4 Females a few puppies available!
November 1st
Dizzy starts with giving birth!!!
October 28th
We are over the moon that we can announce you that “Fickle” is pregnant!!! We expect this “puppies at the end of November!!!
Today we received the X-ray result of “Droef” she has HD-A!!!
October 27th
Afro found a new home! She is now living with Ymke and Heleen and their dog Jesse
October 26th
Created a page for “Casyka’s Geisha”, create a “Photo-album” of Geisha, added pictures of Jovi at his “Photo-album”
October 24th
At the show in Utrecht Casyka’s Genderow “Jovi” won the last CAC CACIB he needed to become Dutch Champion!!!
Added “Champions” at the menu
Ocotber 21th
Changed the Litter pages A till E, F till J, and K till Now, create a page for Cäsarborg’s Foxie Johnnie W “Jazz” the father of our M-litter, added a photo-album of “Jazz” at his page, and changed the photo of “Exx van de Hoge Laer” and “Casyka’s Gypsy-Ho” at the page “Females” and their individual pages
October 20th
Added a new picture at the frontpage, added new pictures of “Dizzy” at her Photo-album, and added new pictures of “Kanna” at her Photo-album
October 18th
Puppies expected in 2 weeks!!!
Added a new picture of Dizzy at the “M-Litter page”
October 17th
Added a new picture of Dizzy at the “M-litter page”
October 15th
Added new pictures at the “photo-album” of “Fickle
October 14th
We expect Droef to be in season in November! She will be mated with CH. Revloch Won to Watch at Withandon watch “Litterplans 2011”
October 13th
Added new pictures of Disaster “Dizzy” during her pregnancy at the “M-litter page”
Updated the page of Ituha “Luta” at the end of October he will be for the first time father! Good Luck with the puppies Marianne Brett! Keep us updated!
October 10th
Updated the page “Showresults”
October 5th
Updated the page “Showresults 2010”“Smika van Sprangerhof” became Reserve Best in Show Veteran we are very proud of our old boy!
October 1st
Added a new picture of “Lurf”
September 27th
Added new pictures at the photo-album of “Lunatic Teuntje” and “Afro”, added new pictures of “Ivan”
September 26th
“Casyka’s Fickle” is bred with “Cash du Bois du Tôt added the page puppies “N-Litter” as a link from the “puppie-page
September 24th
Added the page of “Casyka’s Iwan” including a “photo-album“, added an photo-album of “Casyka’s Inspiration”, added a new picture at the photo-album of “Casyka’s Ivan”
September 23th
Added a new picture at the frontpage, added an photo-album at the page of Casyka’s Lurf “Mike”
September 22th
Casyka’s Genderow “Jovi” HD-A Norbergwaarde 40 (ultimate score)
September 21th
The male for “Droef du Bois du Tôt” is decided!!! It will be “CH Revloch Won To Watch Withandon” watch “Litterplans 2011” for more information
September 21th
Updated the page “litterplans 2010” and added new “litterplans 2011
September 20th
I wanna thank everyone for the emails, text messages, and messages on Facebook for my birthday yesterday! I have a great day with lots of visitors!
Fickle is in season! She will be bred with Cash du Bois du Tot soon!!!
September 10th
Added the page “Retired”
September 6th
Anneke en Spook (Casyka’s Exile) were selected for the Dutch Championship Obedience (G&G) the 5th of september, they end up 15th with the average of 242 points in 2 routes (max 320 points)
September 2th
Updated the page “Puppies” and added the page “M-Litter” as a link from the Puppie-page
September 1st
Updated the page “Litterplans”, Casyka’s Disaster JW’07 is bred with
Cäsarborgs Foxy Johnnie W (Jazz)
August 30th
Update the page “Showresults”, added new pictures of “Ivan” at his Photo-album
August 27th
My E-mail adress is working again! Unfortunaly I lost the adresses in my adressbook
August 25th
My computer crasht! Watch contact for the email adress!
August 25th
Added a new litterplan at the page “Litterplans 2010”    I expect this litter soon! (If everything goes well)
August 24th
Updated the pages “Showresults”, “Fickle”, “Bitch”, “Droef”
August 23th
Casyka’s Fickle is selected SR (Sujet Recommandé) She is the first Casyka who got this title!
August 16th
Added 2 new websites at the link page, “De La Belle Pitou” and “Huisdieren Herplaatsing” (rehoming site from Ilse Kuiper)
August 16th
There is someone who claims to be me or Anneke at MSN as casyka, and on Facebook with an address in the USA, there are pictures on this account from us at Cottbus. I have a new phone number, my old number is blocked, please look at the link “contact” at this website
August 15th
Added a photo-album at the page of “Kunst”
August 14th
Added the pages of Enigma”, “Lunatic Teuntje”, “Liefje”, and “List”
August 13th
Added a new link page
August 12th
Added several links, do you want your link at my website please let me know, added a Guestbook at the website
August 10th
Added new pictures of “Casyka’s Kanna” at her first show
August 9th
Updated the page “Showresults”
August 7th
Added the pages of Kayo, Kelp, Kurva, Kliko, Kwit, Kwaad and Kunst
August 6th
Added the pages “Huilang”, “Lurf”, “Loeder”, “Limit”, “Kaya”, “Exile”, and “Inspiration”, added photo-albums of “Huilang” and “Exile”, added “Casyka’s Looser” to our “Males”
August 1st
Added the pages of “Ivan”, “Ivar”, “Ivo”, “Ituha” Added photoalbums of Casyka’s Ivan and Casyka’s Ivar
July 31th
Added new litter pages
July 28th
Added Photo-albums at the pages of the females: Droef, Disaster, Bitch, Fickle, Hornie, Jade, Kanna, Gypsy-Ho, Afro and Exx, added new picture puppie page, added photo-albums at the pages of the males: Genderow, Endanger, Fool and Smika
July 26th
Updated the page Results 
July 11th
After winning the French Championnat Droef has enough points to become French Champion
July 9th
Today I received the forms that Casyka’s Genderow and Casyka’s Hornie are official Dutch Youth Champion now
July 6th
Today I received the official form that “Droef du Bois du Tôt” is Dutch Champion now
July 5th
Added page “Litters”
June 26th
Added new pictures of “Casyka’s Kanna” and “Casyka’s Disaster”
June 25th
Added ‘Males’ and ‘Puppies’
June 23th
 Proudly I present you my new ad    
June 22th
Added ‘rehoming’ and new pages of several females and updated ‘Contact’
June 20th
Update showresults (Outdoor Uden)
June 18th
A nice new start with my new webpage. Still lots of work to do, but there is a start!
Special thanks to Sophie Jouannet who made my new logo!