M-litter Puppies week 4

M- Litter 4th Week

Puppies 25 days old  
Mister Light Blue sleeping… Mister Light Blue and Miss Pink
Miss White (left) and Mister Dark Blue (right) Mister Dark Blue  
Mister Dark Blue with his paw in the food Mister Light Blue follows 
All together  
Mister Orange thinks that the food is better
at his neighboor
Miss Gold is making a mess of it
  Mister Purple with Kanna (his aunt)
Puppies 26 days old  
Miss Pink with Mommy Miss Pink with Mister Orange sleeping 
Miss Pink playing A whole bunch of puppies
Miss Pink (left) and Mister Orange playing Mister Dark blue (back) and Miss Gold (front)  
Miss Gold wants to break free Mister Purple (left)
Miss Gold (back) Mister Light Blue (front) Mister Light Blue