M-litter week 3

M-litter 3th week

Puppies 15 days old  
First day with toys…  
Hey whats that…what a silly things…. Miss Silver goes to the “strange things”
  All the puppies awake
  Miss Pink in front
  Miss Gold
Miss White (left)  and Mister Light Blue (right) Mister Light Blue at the back
Are you sure you want a picture of me??? Well ok then… Mister Purple
  Playing Hide and Seek?
  Mister Purple
Mister Orange (left) and Miss Gold (right) After playing they have to sleep again…
Miss Pink Miss Pink
Weight at 15 days:
Dark Blue Male: 930 gram
Light Blue Male: 860 gram
Purple Male: 650 gram
Orange Male: 720 gram
Pink Female: 860 gram
Silver Female: 800 gram
White Female: 780 gram
Gold Female: 820 gram
Puppies 17 days old  
Is this the shortest way to the milk bar? Mister Dark Blue tired after drinking
Mister Orange thinking: What are you up to? Miss Silver having fun
Miss Silver: Hello World!!! Miss Silver: No… No pictures!
Orange Boy: Ok I will sit still for a few seconds Still not enough of me?
Sleeping Miss White (left) and Miss Silver (right)
  Mister Orange plays with his sister Miss Pink
  Mister Orange playing with Mister Purple
Mister Orange walks over Mister Purple Miss White wants to play with Mister Purple
Mister Purple playing with Miss White See Mister Orange left corner below…
They forgot me I wanna play to!
Give me big kiss! No Mister Orange we don’t wanna play
Mister Purple his eyes… Just love him! Miss White at the back
Miss White posing And again Miss White is posing
Puppies 21 days old  
Awake Miss Pink
Mister Orange (left) Miss Gold (Right) Miss Gold
Miss Gold looking around for something to play Mister Orange
  Mister Purple checking the toys
Mister Light Blue Mister Purple
  Give me a kiss!
Miss Silver checking the toys Mister Light Blue
Mister Purple (left) and Mister Orange (right) Mister Dark Blue
Mister Dark Blue again Mister Dark Blue chasing Miss White
Miss Silver with toys Mister Dark Blue (front) Mister Purple (back)
Miss White at the back Mister Light Blue watching
Miss Pink Miss Pink playing with the teddybear
Mister Purple Mister Purple playing with blue toy
Miss Silver (left) and Mister Orange (right) Mister Purple