M-litter week 5

M-Litter 5th week

Mister Orange Playing 
Mister Light Blue  Miss Pink playing behind Mister Light Blue 
Mister Orange standing  Mister Light Blue (Right) Miss Gold (Left)
Would you please let us out?  Please…. 
Are you sure???  We are sure we want to go out!!!  
Sleeping…  Mister Light Blue playing with Mister Purple 
Mister Light Blue sleeping  
Puppies 34 days old  
Miss White Miss White with dust…Embarassed
Mister Purple (back) Miss White (Front) Puppies attacking Piper
Mister Dark Blue on top Mister Light Blue under Mister Dark Blue
Mister Dark Blue Mister Dark Blue
Mister Purple Miss White 
Puppies having fun with Piper Miss Silver
Mister Purple Miss Pink
Miss Pink Mister Orange
Miss Pink Mister Light Blue