N-litter week 3

N-Litter 3rd week

Puppies 15 days old  
Miss Gold aka Spider Miss Gold getting something to drink 
Sleeping Miss Pink 
Sleeping together  Miss Gold on her feet 
Miss Gold (front) And Mister Yellow (back) Mister Yellow (back) on his feet 
Puppies 18 days old  
Weight at 18 days:
Dark Blue Male: 1150 gram
Yellow Male: 890 gram
White Female: 850 gram
Pink Female: 960 gram
Silver Female: 970 gram
Gold Female: 715 gram  
Puppies 20 days old   
Lunch time!  Miss Pink 
Miss Silver sleeping on Fickle’s head  Miss Gold sleeping 
Miss Silver  Miss White sleeping 
Miss Silver (L) and Miss Gold (R)  Miss White (L) and Miss Gold (R) 
Miss Silver (L) Mister Dark Blue (R)  Miss Silver whit her nose in the air…
Arrogant already? 
All together Mister Yellow 
Mister YellowKiss Miss White and Miss Silver 
Mister Dark Blue smelling his brother…
After the pictures he sneeze
I think that Mister Yellow smells…Innocent
Mister Dark Blue with a toy
Mister Purple watching the puppies of Fickle