News 2011



December 13th
Update the page of “Oasis”
We have a dog who is looking for a new home look at “Rehoming” for more information or contact us!
November 29th
Updated the page “Showresults”
Casyka’s Gypsy-Ho is bred!!! Check “Litterplans 2011”
November 2nd
Added a page of our Groenendael “Go-Go Girl du Bois du Tôt
October 10th
Updated the “Showresults”
October 2nd
Yesterday at the Dog Show Zwolle we had great results! Check the “Showresults”

Casyka’s Incredible Bitch 1 EXC. CAC-CACIB Now Dutch Champion

Casyka’s Oasis 1 VP Best Baby of Breed

September 20th
Updated “Litterplans 2011” 
“Litterplans for 2012” are on the website! Keep in mind that Mother Nature can ruin our plans Smile
Exx van de Hoge Laer is bred on the 17th of September!

“Exx van de Hoge Laer”
September 4th
Updated “Showresults”
August 24th
Updated “Showresults”

Casyka’s incredible Bitch with her son Phoenix
August 8th
We received very nice pictures of “Noblesse Oblige” and “Oh My God” thank you Yannick and Kayleigh for this wonderful pictures!
August 4th
Created a page for “Oasis”,  “Oh My God”, “Priceless” and “Phoenix”
Added new pictures at Ivan his “Photo-album”
Added new pictures at Iwan his “Photo-album”
July 25th
Updated the page “Litterplans 2011”, finally we decided the male for “Exx van de Hoge Laer” it will be “Revloch Won to Watch at Withandon”
Proudly we present you our newest addition: Go-Go Girl du Bois du Tôt
July 23rd
We have a 2 year old Tervueren male who is looking for a new home
contact us for more information
July 13th
Finally some updated again!
Updated Casyka’s “O-Litter page” with pictures
Updated Casyka’s “P-Litter page” with pictures
We sadly had to say goodby to Mister Brown from the P-Litter at the age of 5,5 weeks
On the picture 4 weeks old

July 2nd
At the 26th of June we had an Rally-O Contest we became first with 96 and 99 points (100 max) Pictures of the contest are at the “Activities page”
17-06-2011 Me (Anneke) and Spook had our Rally-O Excellent exam, we became first with 96 points (100 Max) 
June 20th
Added new pictures at “O-Litter week 3” Added new pictures at “O-Litter week 4” and at “P-Litter week 3”
June 14th
Updated the page “Show results” and “Champions and other titles

Casyka’s Nobody’s Fool Best Puppie in Show DKBS Specialty Germany!
June 9th
Finally some new puppie pictures added at “week 2” of the P-Litter and “week 2” of the O-Litter, we got the confirmation from the Dutch Kennel club for the names!
O-Litter: Casyka’s Oh My God and Casyka’s Oasis.
P-Litter: Boys; Casyka’s Phoenix, Casyka’s Playboy Pica and Casyka’s Pelle.
P-Litter: Girls; Casyka’s Priceless and Casyka’s Pearl.
June 7th
Update the page “Showresults”
May 31th
Create a “photo-album of Casyka’s Nobody’s Fool”
Added new pictures at “Genderow “Jovi” Page”
Casyka’s P-Litter is born on the 29th of May!
“Week 1” at the P-Litter page

We had a great time at the NVBH Specialty!
Casyka’s Nobody’s Fool became Best Tervueren Puppy in Show!
and we became
Best Tervueren Kennel In Show!
Thanks to everyone who was involved!
May 23rd
Added pictures at the “O-litterpage”
May 22nd
The puppies of Droef and Warren are born!
May 19th
“Casyka’s Enigma” was on televison, watch “Activities”
Updated “Showresults”

“Casyka’s Fiend” 3 days in a row on different shows 1 Exc. WD and BOB
we are very proud!!! Keep up the good work Donna!!!
May 4th
Yesterday we received pictures of “Casyka’s Fiend aka Felix”
Felix lives in the USA with his proud owner Donna Riley-Willsey, Donna we are sure that we are coming to the USA to see Felix in real live!
May 1st
New pictures of “Casyka’s No Guts no Glory” and “Noblesse Oblige”

Thank you Kayleigh for these wonderful pictures!
April 30th
Casyka’s Incredible Bitch is confirmed in whelp! We expect the puppies around the 27th of May!
April 26th
Updated “Showresults”
April 21st
Droef du Bois du Tôt is confirmed in whelp! We expect the puppies around the 16th of May!
April 19th
Casyka’s G-Litter 3 years old today! Congratulations Genderow, Gandalf Sirius, Giovanni, Geronimo, Gigolo, Gypsy-Ho, Geisha and Gimmick!
March 30th
Added a page on the website for “Casyka’s Nobody’s Fool” aka Joker and added pictures of Joker at “activities”
Added a page on the website for “Casyka’s Noja” She was that little girl from Cash and Fickle she is growing very fast and enjoy’s live very much!
March 28th
On the 27th of March “Casyka’s Incredible Bitch” is bred by “Alto Des Iles Fidji”
March 17th
Casyka’s Incredible Bitch” is in season!!! She will be bred soon! Watch “Litterplans” for more information
March 17th
“Droef du Bois du Tôt” is bred!!! Watch the “puppiepage” for more information.
“Casyka’s Fickle” will leave us for a while at the end of the year to have her second litter at “du Bois du Tôt”. Good luck Sophie and Joël! Enjoy!!!
March 14th
At the dogshow in Offenburg Germany “Droef du Bois du Tôt” became 1 Exc. CAC CACIB and Best of Breed
Casyka’s Incredible Bitch” became 1 Exc. RCAC RCACIB
March 7th
At the Martinidogshow in Groningen “Casyka’s Incredible Bitch” became 1 Exc CAC CACIB and BOB and “Groningen Winner”!
Casyka’s Gypsy Ho” became 1 exc. RCAC RCACIB
Update the page “Showresults
February 28th
Yesterday I (Anneke) had my first Rally-O Contest with Spook, we won our class with 99 points in the first track, and 93 points in the second track (100 maximum each track) Family Prevo was so kind to send me the movies they made, many thanks for that Family Prevo! I like them very much!
Update “Activities”
February 21st
Today we received the certificate that “Casyka’s Fickle” official has the title Sujet Recommandé
February 14th
Yesterday I (Anneke) had an obedience contest with Spook (Casyka’s Exile) after a couple of months doing no contest at all, I decided that it was time to re-start my favourite hobby!
We got 266,5 points graded Excellent and a 4th place out of 17 candidates
February 9th
Today we received the message that “Casyka’s Ivan W’10” has HD-A!!! Congratulations Yuri!!!
February 4th
Yesterday we received the message from the Raad van Beheer that “Casyka’s Incredible Bitch has HD-A!!!”
January 29th
Casyka’s Fickle got the title: Best Female Champion Class Germany 2010
Droef du Bois du Tôt got the title: Best Female Open Class Germany 2010
Update the page
“Champions”, “Puppies”“Showresults”
Casyka’s Genderow “Jovi” is selected for the Dog of the Year show in Holland! He is the only tervueren who is selected in Holland!
January 22nd
Update the page “Litterplans”
January 20th
Added pictures at “week 7” of the N-Litter page, create a page of “Casyka’s Noblesse Oblige” she will stay at Casyka, create a page and “photo-album” for “Casyka’s No Regret” also create a page for “Casyka’s No Guts No Glory” he will stay also at Casyka 
January 11th
Sad news at the beginning of the year… Casyka’s Fool “Marco” past away yesterday evening at 20.45 hours in our hands, he was fighting for his live for 3 weeks, against Acute Hemolytic Anemia, he got a blood transfusion and after a week he run outside again and was playing with the puppies… Unfortunaly he got Peritonitis a surgery could not help him anymore… He got strong painkillers and we take him home, to put him to sleep. The Vet was suppost to come at 20.15 hours but her practice was very busy… At 20.45 hours we called her (she was on her way) that it was already to late, Marco was in shock and his body gave up him self. We are devestated and we want to thank everyone for the nice words we received. Its good to know that a lot of people loved him and will miss him! 

Update the page of “Marco”
Update “In Memoriam”
January 6th
Added an Photo-album of “Makoy Milo”, and “Majestic Djenga” the puppies of the N-litter are chipt today!
January 2nd 
Added new pictures of the N-Litter at “week 6” 
January 1st  
Happy New Year!!! We wish everybody all the best for 2011!!!