Week 7 M-litter

M-Litter puppies 7th week

Puppies 42 days old (6 weeks)   
Mister Orange Miss Gold wants to play with Piper
Mister Light Blue Miss White on top 
Mister Light Blue likes to sleep
under the kitchen
Mister Orange 
Puppies 44 days old   
Miss Gold ask: Can I please get one?
Mister Dark Blue: What’s the password??
Miss Gold: ARGHH I forgot…
Mister Dark Blue: Then stay of my bowl…Innocent
Mister Light Blue Mister Purple and Miss Silver
Mister Orange is looking for
something to play
Mister Orange (L) Mister Purple (R)
Miss Silver Miss Gold
Mister Light Blue Miss Gold
Mister Dark Blue on his favourite spot Miss Gold takes a look
were the noise comes from
Mister Purple wants to play with
the younger puppies